Media Court Case Study

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Media court cases are very interesting and often have lasting effects even years after the case is made. There are numerous cases dealing with media that have had substantial effects. One of those cases Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. v. Grokster has shaped the way media is today and made some huge changes in how media is viewed. Grokster, and similar programs, enabled users to share files and content through the internet from computer to computer for free (MGM Studios v. Grokster). The software was quicker, more protected, and cheaper than servers ( Most other sharing had to be done through central servers, so by using Grokster or other programs it was not only free but more secure and fast. The program was made mainly, or …show more content…
Copyrighting has much more superiority in that content owner can sue individuals and companies now if they have programs that allow copyright sharing (Beckerman, p. 921). People can no longer share these files as easily and companies can be sued for their users share files even if they were just supplying the place to share files. It also creates a struggle between product owners or copyright holders and new technology companies. Creators do not have clear rules set on how to avoid liability and therefore have to be extremely careful when making programs (Trope). Companies have to be on high alert as well to always prevent people from using their programs or services to infringe. Overall, the lasting effects from this case have left an unease for companies and copyrighting. With growing technology and internet it’s easier for people to get away with these types of infringements and companies can now be held responsible for any wrongs their users may take part it. This case has had a very critical for media companies and future …show more content…
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