50 Cent Case Study

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Rapper/actor 50 Cent is ordered to pay $5 million in sex-tape invasion-of-privacy lawsuit filed by Lastonia Leviston. Fox 411, July 12, 215 reported 50 Cent put a sex-tape online of and her boyfriend without permission. He added himself as the commentator. However, the $5 million fine may not be all for 50 Cent. The jurors are deliberating next week on further charges. He may be slapped with punitive damages. Apparently, 50 Cent used a 13-minute in 2009 that he received from Lastonia’s then-boyfriend who was also the man in the video. 50 Cent donned a wig to become Pimpin’ Curly and he allegedly made crude and rude remarks throughout the video. The then-boyfriend told 50 Cent that Lastonia wouldn’t mind if he posted video online and 50 Cent took him at his word several years later. During the pretrial, 50 Cent said that he was only joking with his reference that Lastonia was a “porn star.” In court, Lastonia said, "This was something done to me. I didn't have a choice. I would never, ever do this to myself." …show more content…
In ??, Judge Peter D. Blanc ordered 50 Cent to pay $17 million. He allegedly infringed on a copyright issue when he used Sleek Audio’s model and design for a set of headphones he wanted to manufacture. At the time, 50 Cent worked for Sleek Audio and together, they designed a set of headphones. 50 Cent left the company, which resulted in both sides suing each other. Sleek Audio accused 50 Cent of stealing their ideas and designs. 50 Cent filed a lawsuit against Sleek Audio, claiming that they didn’t pay him. They still owed him $261,000. The case went to arbitration. The decision was in Sleek Audio’s favor with $11 million and $4,488,331 for their lawyer fees. 50 Cent was unhappy with the decision, so he took it to federal court. He claimed that the arbitrator was biased and influenced by

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