Pill Bug Experiment Pill Bugs Experiment

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Pill Bugs: An experiment


Pill bugs are very small and can be found anywhere. Under rocks, in between cracks, in your science class; they are everywhere! However, it is common knowledge that pill bugs do not like to be in open spaces. There are just too many dangerous possibilities, and they don’t need to take the risks. In this experiment, we tested to see if light affected the decisions of where pill bugs like to stay. We thought if the light was dim in a single chamber, the pill bug would go to that chamber.

In this experiment, there are two variables: the independent and dependent. The independent variable, the one that is manipulated, is the lighting. In this case, there are four different degrees of lighting: light, barely dark, medium dark, and very dark. The dependent variable is the pill bugs’ position or decision. The constant in this experiment was the total amount of pill bugs, 10.


10 Pill Bugs
10 squares of thin, black cloth
1 Choice Chamber
1 Timer
1 Flashlight
1 clear plastic cup

Creating the Chambers.
Place your choice chamber, face up, on a flat surface or working space
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The middle will be where your pill bugs start out. The other four holes will be your different chambers. One will be your light one, another will be your barely dark, the third will be medium dark, and the last one will be very dark. For the light chamber, have the flashlight on and facing it, to create a bright chamber. The barely dark chamber, next to the light one, should have two squares of cloth to dim it slightly. The medium dark (on the other side of barely dark), should have three squares of cloth, and the last one will need five squares. Be sure that the cloths cover the whole chamber and that there are no corners of light except in the light

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