Pill Bugs Experiment Lab Report

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When performing the experiment, the pill bugs were generally unresponsive, and many stayed in the same place throughout the whole experiment. Outside of this, no major problems occurred while performing the experiment. If the experiment were to be performed again, more of the IV (baking soda, rubbing alcohol, etc.) would be added to produce a more pronounced effect on the pill bugs, as most pillbugs did not move at all.
The results are mostly trustworthy and accurate, as the data is backed up by the research done prior to the experiment. Conversely, more trials could have been performed as experiments with living organisms tend to need a larger sample size.
The experiment was conducted in an enclosed environment (choice chamber), which helped to maintain the constants. The integrity of the control (water) was maintained by using an eye dropper to carefully place the water into the selected chamber to test the effects.
There were no major complications during the experiment. The biggest complication was the lack of movement from the pillbugs which may have made the
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First, at five minutes, the light chamber had 26 pillbugs, and at 30 minutes the light chamber had 27, only one more than at the five minute mark. Second, at five minutes the lemon juice chamber had 38 pillbugs, and at 30 minutes, the lemon juice chamber had 46. This difference is larger than the previous one, although, most of the movement is still done within the first five minutes. Third, at five minutes, baking soda had 17 pillbugs, and 15 at 30 minutes. Once again, most of the movement is done within the first five minutes. Finally, at five minutes, rubbing alcohol had 18 pillbugs and at 30 minutes had 16 pill bugs. In conclusion, for all of the experiments, the pill bugs were decisive and typically moved within the first five

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