Physics : Physics Of Football Essay

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Physics of Football Physics can be used in football a lot of different ways. In football you have distance, wind and weight of the football. When playing football the farthest receiver the harder you have to throw the ball. Also in football impulse, conservation of momentum, and rotational motion these are three important principles of physics when it comes to blocking and tackling someone. If the running back is running with the football in open field his momentum would be 960 kg-m/s. If you decide to try to stop the running back you would have to change up his momentum. The tackler has to apply an impulse in a different direction. If the defensive back wanted to tackle the running back the defensive back would have to consider creating an impulse of 960 kg-m/s. If you’ve ever watch football on a Monday night you could possibly learn something new other than knowing who scored the most post on either team, or which quarter back threw for the most yards that game. Football gives you some great examples of physics only if you pay attention to it the game. When the quarterback throws the ball that is represented as physics. Also the motion of the ball and the force when you make tackles represents physics. The more physics you know the better you will understand the game of football. Here are a few words you should be familiar with acceleration is the rate of change in velocity, force is the influence on a body that causes it to accelerate, mass is the amount of…

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