Physician Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal Essay examples

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Physician assisted suicide has created an opportunity for terminally ill patients unlike any other. Physicians have the ability to make dying a peaceful process for patients. In 1997 each state was granted, by the Supreme Court, the right to choose whether or not to legalize physician assisted suicide (Schencker). Even after multiple years only a small number of states have legalized physician assisted suicide. “My hope for every patient I encounter: they will be able to die with dignity, with grace and minimal suffering, the way they choose to go surrounded with loved ones” (Getter 1304). Even though some cases show that patients have survived terminal illness, physician assisted suicide should be legal in all of the states because patients have a right to their own body, a last resort option if necessary, and a pain ending solution. Physician assisted suicide has been up for debate for many years. Hermann Sander was one of the many doctors to illegally practice physician assisted suicide in 1950. He stood firmly on his beliefs. Abbie Borrotto was a terminally ill patient of his who wished to die with dignity. Sanders infused air into her bloodstream and Sanders was indicted with first degree murder (Lopez 4). Sander revolutionized physician assisted suicide. Physician assisted suicide lets the patient gain control of the situation. Physicians administer patients with medication to end their own life (Johnson et al. 582). Sander helped physician assisted suicide be…

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