Physician Assisted Suicide And The Law, Criteria Of Eligibility, Patient Rights And Physician Responsibility

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There are currently three states in the United States of America that has legalized euthanasia, one of which is Oregon as reported by Friend (2011). Physician assisted suicide (PAS) or euthanasia is defined as intentional ending of individual’s life chiefly by taking a lethal dose of a substance prescribed by a physician as stated by Friend (2011). Furthermore, Friend (2011) states that dying with dignity, which often means dying without needless physical suffering is one of the protagonists of dying with PAS. In addition, Friend (2011) references that PAS and the nurses whom receive directives from the physician are a major component in euthanasia. According to Friend (2011), assisting a patient with their death, whether it is with dignity or not is somewhat of a problem for nurses and physicians because they both have a responsibility to the patient to do no harm. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the article by Friend (2011) in relation to the Oregon law, criteria of eligibility, patient rights and physician responsibility.
A patient who have a terminal illness such as cancer with a diagnosis of six months or less to live are considered candidates for PAS in the state of Oregon. According to the article they are also deemed eligible if the patient is competent, have an ongoing relationship with their physician and also has a mutual understanding regarding the prognosis of their impending death. Furthermore, patient are able to utilizing a way that is…

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