Essay on Physical Education And Education Programs

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Various trends and polices have impacted physical education programs in the recent years mainly due to events by the press and other parties. Curriculums are always changing which can be both positive and negative for the students and teachers. The various programs mentioned in the books helped set the stone for physical education in the United States. The trends and policies that have been incorporated have positively and negatively affected the physical education programs.
Physical education fits into the school’s curriculum in many ways. Teachers can teach students the fundamental of living a healthy lifestyle in school and out of school. It can be incorporated into many subjects throughout the curriculum for students to get a better understand of physical education and how important it is in your life.
The nationwide focus on health, wellness, and physical activity can influence children’s lives by showing them how to live a healthy lifestyle now and for years to come. Teachers first need to model how students can maintain a healthy lifestyle then give students the knowledge on physical education. Students can be effected positively by the nationwide focus on these topics because media in today’s society shapes the way children look at things.
The NASPE national standards help teachers outline what they should teach in the classroom regarding physical education. It instructs the teacher on the importance of what students should be learning in physical education. The…

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