Why I Want To Be A Progressivist

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During the duration of our class so far I have began to ask myself what type of classroom/gym atmosphere do I want to create when I become a teacher and what type of teacher do I want to become? These are questions I believe we all in the class have also asked. This is never an easy answer, as the classroom I intend on creating is very complex and multifaceted. In the self-inventory quiz this is reflected, somewhat; all of the categories were very close in the final tally, but the one that ended up with more total numbers was the philosophy of progressivism.

To be a progressive educator means that things are ever changing in the classroom, and that means that a teacher must be able to handle and adapt to these changes and continually redefine
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This is extremely important in my eyes, simply because of the personal attention that teachers should give students. As a future physical education teacher I feel as if, many people immediately think that what we are suppose to do is “roll the balls out” “yell and tell students to run”, these kinds of teachers I have had through my years of school. One of the main reasons I want to be a PE & Health teacher is because I want to change this cliché. I want to be the coach that changes the student’s lives, and give them an opportunity to love physical education, but most importantly I want my students to live a fulfilling life, at which I believe healthy living is a part of. Transmitting this vision into a classroom and into the gym is going to pose many challenges, but as I grow as a teacher I will better be able to make the “classroom” I want. Progressivism is not the only philosophy that suits my personality and the style of teaching that I want to present in the future. I feel like mixture of all of the philosophies will lead to a balanced classroom. In my class the main focuses I want to enrich the environment that the students are used to, in …show more content…
Such as what would I do about the kids that do not buy in to the class, or just do not participate? There is no easy answer to this question, but what I would try and do is to involve these students, and give them larger roles like being a captain or so forth. Another problem that is likely to arise is what to do when there are other coaches at the school that have been there a long time that do not see my teaching techniques the same way I do? This is a question I have asked myself since I have chosen to be a PE & Health coach; this is very doable, but extremely tough. The way I believe to overcome this would be to know the way of teaching inside and out, and be able to defend your reasoning to why you teach the way you do. The progressivism philosophy is one that I think could work for the way I teach my class and the way I connect with my students. The personal addition that the progressivism adds it the part that appeals to my vision of my teaching style. I plan not to just teach these future students, but to have a relationship with them and light a flame in them that drives them to pursue their goals and to live their lives with a passion to consistently make their lives the best that they can

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