Physical Development Case Study

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Physical Development:

1. A. One example of the child’s gross motor skills is when the child left the classroom to do something outside. There were two grades in one classroom, one being first graders and the other being second graders, they were working in their class finishing their work they had from previous days and finishing their breakfast. The child had finished and ran outside to throw out his trash and ran back in breathing heavily.
B. Another example of the child’s gross motor skills is when the child stood up and spun around and put markers away. The two grades in the classroom were doing separate work and the second graders, the grade the child was in, were working with colors on their work. The child stood up, spun in a few
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I think the child is physically responsive because during each activity, the child moved his body around as he was working. Such as when he had to get a marker from the bucket he spun, it wasn’t necessary but he decided to because it was his choice to respond in such a way. The child is clearly active as he chose to run out the classroom and threw out his trash and possibly did something else, he also chose to run back to the classroom and swing his arms back and forth as he walked to his seat. The child is coordinated because during the times he spun around in circles, he never tripped or fall. The classroom was small and the child’s seat was in a tight space so he must have known how and where to place his …show more content…
Another example is when the child is talking to the child next to him and he says “ Look, I remember this!”. The second graders are told by the teacher to talk to one another about the story they have read and once they are done talking, the child looks through the book in front of him and says that he remembers something in the book.

7. A. One example of short term memory the child has is when he asks the teacher “What are we doing?”, the teacher says “We are reading.”, and the child says “Okay.”. The second graders are getting ready to talk about their next assignment and the teacher says that they will be reading. The child then asks what they are doing after she has said it already but she tells him what they are doing and he responds saying “Okay.”
B. Another example is when the child asks where he left his pencil. The teacher asks a question about the story after the child and the child next to him are done talking so he closes his book with his pencil inside. Once another child is done answering the question, he looks down at his things and asks “Where did I leave my pencil?”, he then looks through his things and the book eventually finding his pencil.


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