Phuket Beach Hotel: Valuing Mutually Exclusive Capital Projects

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Using Case Studies in Real Estate and Finance Courses
By Su Han Chan Department of Real Estate

The Preliminaries
Setting expectations
Focus is on decision making Requires judgment No “right” answers

Setting ground rules
The student contract (4Ps)

Knowing your participants Selecting cases and readings Using a mix of short (“breather”) and long cases Assigning a term project

Case seminar series_Su H Chan

A Short Case

Phuket Beach Hotel: Valuing Mutually Exclusive Capital Projects* (4 pages)
Synopsis Phuket Beach Hotel has an opportunity to lease its underutilized space to a karaoke pub and earn a rental income. Alternatively, the hotel could develop the unused space and create its own pub. The general manager of the
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0 1 2 3 4 COMMENTS

3. ANALYSIS: Were those recommendations backed up convincingly by their analyses and by a statement of the logic underlying them?

Presentation (scale of 0-3)
0 = Unclear and disorganized 1 = Satisfactory 2 = Good 3 = Excellent SCORE 4. PREPARATION AND ORGANIZATION: Did the group present their ideas and recommendation(s) in a clear, concise and convincing manner? 5. As the decision maker, how likely are you to adopt their proposal? 0 1 2 3 OR OR OR OR No way, Jose Maybe, with major revisions Highly likely, with minor revisions Definitely, without question COMMENTS

Case seminar series_Su H Chan

A Comprehensive Case
Role Play Bilateral Negotiation

Hong Kong Disneyland
In mid-1999, negotiators for Walt Disney Co. and the Hong Kong government were having intensive discussions about the possibility of building a theme park in Hong Kong known as Hong Kong Disneyland.

Case seminar series_Su H Chan

Learning Objectives
The cases provide a useful vehicle for students to: explore the making of cross-border investment and marketentry decisions, apply project evaluation techniques to valuing a proposed joint venture from both the Walt Disney and Hong Kong point of view, exercise their abilities in negotiation and risk reallocation. Students must also acknowledge the different goals of the negotiating parties and through negotiation, attempt to surmount these.

The case segments*
Hong Kong Disneyland (A): The Walt Disney

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