Philosophy of Special Education Essay

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Philosophy of Special Education
Marchelle Mitchell
EDU 535
February 4, 2015
Valerie Klaus

Philosophy of Special Education
The purpose of schooling is to help our special education students to be functional and independent in the real world. I want them to learn how to deal with real life situations and to be able to understand and adapt to the changes it may bring. For example, being an autism teacher of high school students, my philosophy is different than of an autism teacher of elementary students. The most important thing of concern for the older students is to make sure they are as independent as possible and teach them some type of job skill to help them acquire a pay check to help with their care. I also help them have an
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All students will be taught by modeling since it is easier for them to catch on when they can see what is expected, as well as using teachable moments for things that happen naturally and you want them to learn from the occurrence.
My classroom management plan will consist of each student will have a work board that listed each day of the school week with twenty boxes for each day. Students will be taught when each task/job they complete they will receive a check mark in the corresponding box. Once they have received ten checks, they are allowed to pick the reinforcement they want for completing half of their work. They will get 7 minutes with their reinforcement to allow them a break from their work. After the 7 minutes is up they are required to complete the rest of their work. Once they have completed all twenty tasks/jobs they are finished for the day and will receive a ticket to place in their envelope to be able to participate in fun Friday activities. If the students abilities prevents them from doing twenty tasks/jobs it will be adjusted so the student will be successful. They student would only need three tickets for fun Friday to allow two days for behavior days so they would still fell a sense of accomplishment. On fun Friday, the students will have a choice of cooking in the kitchen, game time with classmates, personal time with staff, computer time, a movie on the iPad, or free time by themselves. Fun Friday would start after the

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