Pharmacy Is A Small Community Essay

725 Words Jan 14th, 2015 3 Pages
Pharmacy is a practice that is constantly changing in a variety of different ways. The role of a pharmacist in the healthcare field is the main aspect that is changing. Pharmacists are taking more responsibilities such as administering immunizations and counseling patients. These innovations have enabled different health care providers to appreciate pharmacists more than they did before. In order for innovations to take place, pharmacists have to step up and advocate for them. The pharmacists have to show others what they are capable of doing and how it benefits the society. Another driving force for innovation, which complements advocating by pharmacists, is the demand for services both by the community and other health care providers.
Pharmacy is a small community that has gained a reputation for simply dispensing medications, which resulted from the role that pharmacists were exclusively carrying out a few years ago. In order to change this perception, pharmacists need to advocate for change to administer more services that they are qualified to perform, as well as educate others on their roles. An example is the Medication Therapy Management, which is a developing role within the pharmacy field. Most patients are not aware that these services are available. For those who are aware, they do not think they need the services. In addition, some physicians are not aware of the importance of the MTM services while others feel like pharmacists are overstepping their…

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