Human Spider Movie Analysis

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The movie is basically based on Marvel’s comic book. It is about a boy named Peter Parker, who is an orphaned child that lives with his aunty and uncle - Ben Parker and May Parker. He is a nerdy kid in his high school and often gets bullied by jocks and everyone in school. Peter Parker has a crush on his neighbour also his schoolmate, Mary Jane Watson. Besides having his aunty and uncle and Mary Jane in his life, he also has a best friend named Harry Osborn. 
 Both Peter Parker and Harry Osborn are always being picked on at school. Harry is known to be a brat because he is the son to a rich guy. However, despite being picked on, they both have each other’s back. It is clearly seen in the scene where they went for their school’s field trip. …show more content…
On his way to the wrestling match,Peter Parker and uncle Ben had a fight in the car. Peter scolded his uncle Ben for trying to act so fatherly to him. He avoided his uncle Ben’s advises and straight away headed to the wrestling venue. He signed up with the name ‘Human Spider’ even when he got dissed by the person registering him. Before the match, the announcer changed his name to ‘Spiderman’ …show more content…
Instead of getting three thousand dollars he got a hundred dollar instead. When getting out of the building, the person who gave him the money got robbed and he was never helped by Peter. On his way to the place where his uncle Ben promised to pick him up, he was shocked to see his uncle Ben is laying on the ground by the side road, shot by a criminal. They both cried while uncle Ben had his last breath. 
 Peter felt responsible for the death of his uncle, he then determined to find the shooter. Overheard the police’s conversation about the shooter’s whereabouts, Spiderman uses his power to capture the shooter. While the shooter is trying to escape from the police and Spiderman. He got trapped in an abandon building. That was when Spiderman confronted him about killing his uncle, just to realised that person is the same person who robbed the wrestling company. He had a small fight with the shooter until the shooter tripped on a pipe and fell off the building and died. 
 Peter then graduated from high school. Reminiscing about his uncle Ben, he decided to only do good to everyone. Known as Spiderman, he went around town to help those in need. In a newspaper company, Spiderman became famous for helping people. On the street, Peter bumped into Mary Jane outside a restaurant where she is working just to find out that his best friend, Harry and Mary Jane are dating. 
 While in Oscorp, Mr. Norman Osborn’s office,

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