Comparison Of Greek Gods And Goddesses

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“A goddess is a woman who breaks the mold, she’s who she wants to be… And she offers no apologies.” In greek mythology, there appear to be several different gods and goddesses each owning their own unique statistic(s). Gods and goddesses were immortals looked up to by mortals; mortals praised and worshipped them. Goddesses were powerful woman who were flawless and thought the world of themselves; this was normal. The authoritative voice these figures had on mortals was mind blowing. Athena, Arachne, and Nike were set examples of triumphant goddesses. Athena, being Zeus’s favorite daughter, was one of the most heard of goddesses of all time. Even at birth, Athena was instantly unique; she was born from her father’s head in a body suit of …show more content…
Before she was turned into a spider, the courageous woman appeared pale with the long, dark hair. Athena changed her into a spider due to the cocky actions Arachne showed. Arachne was asking for it, and she received what she was destined to be given (“10 Facts About Arachne.” Factfile. web. 17 March 2015). After being turned into a spider, there was nothing heard from Arachne again. These figures mentioned before were definitely victorious, but the one that was truly named for victory was Nike. Along with being the goddess of victory, she was beautiful with tan skin, long dark hair, and a toned body. Nike was the daughter of Styx and and the Titan Pallas; she lived with her mother. She did not necessarily stay with her mother all the time because she was always alongside Zeus along with her two brothers and sister, Kratos, Zelos, and Bia. Since Nike could fly over battlefields, she appeared to have wings. In her statues, she was featured holding a palm branch and having the wings as expected. Not only did Nike symbol victory, she also was a divine charioteer. When Zeus gave her the golden chariot as a gift, she took on the role of being a charioteer (“Nike.” Encyclopedia Britannica. web. 2015). Nothing ever held her back because she was fearless and willing to look for success in all …show more content…
Athena showed wisdom and invented several different types of objects that advanced over time and became even more useful. Arachne showed to be fearless; she took a chance that she was cocky enough to take. Her action taught a moral to never make yourself appear to be higher than someone else; people need to stay humble. Nike shows that having faith gets you a long ways even if you are just a small part of it. Nike was not a huge part of every event or battle, but she was always there to look for the success. She wanted to better the people and find their strategies and push them, like a coach. Nike is even a popular sporting brand today named after her because of victory. Each goddess had a huge impact on life back then and even

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