Essay on Pet Food As Nutritious And Healthy

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The pet food industry has grown throughout the years, where more food products have come out by different commercial companies that explore the idea of pet food as nutritious and healthy but do we really know what the food product contains?
There are millions of pet owners who feed their pets commercial food, which they think is “safe and nutritious” as the labels conceive them to be, but hidden combinations of ingredients are causing pet consumers to get serious side effects, which is also leading to death. Carter quotes “Americans spend over $58 billion for their pets. $22 billion alone, is spent on pet food and most of the pet food given is low quality, but labels state that they are beneficial and advertize that animals gain healthy joints, skin and fur,” which only tells buyers on what they want to hear and see, but the actual evidence has not been scientifically backed up these alleged health benefits (“Looking For the Safest, Healthiest Pet Food? Good Luck with That”).
Commercial pet food has labels of what contains within the food, but they never reveal the truth of what actually added within the processed dry biscuits. Grier explains, “70% of dog people don’t really know about what is in the dog food and on what they are feeding their pet?” It is almost impossible to tell of what is being rendered into pet food, it can be from spoilt meat from a local supermarket, which is still contained within the packaging to even road kill ("The Truth about Dog…

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