Argumentative Essay On Veterinary Medicine

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Veterinary Medicine is a very fast growing industry that is important in today’s society. It is important to have veterinarians with the large amount of animals we have in the world. Veterinary medicine has been around for many numerous years; it seems as if providing the best care for our animal companions has always been important (Veterinary Medicine- Past and Present). As years went by, veterinary medicine has progressed and advanced into so much more than just an inspection of a pet. Veterinarians can specialize in areas of animal health care just like a doctor can specialize in different areas of human healthcare. A veterinarian can specialize in dermatology, neurology, surgery, radiology, oncology, ophthalmology, anesthesiology, and even emergency care (Veterinary Medicine- Past and Present). Veterinary medicine has grown so much that pets can even get filed for health insurance. Animal healthcare is advancing in such a way that it is similar to human healthcare. From dental work, organ transplants, hip replacement surgery, cataract removal, anything to improve the animal’s quality of life …show more content…
Some veterinarians earn over $100,000 a year, some earn just a little over $50,000. Veterinarians that work in scientific research are often the highest paid in the occupation (Veterinarian: Salary). Vets typically make less than a doctor, who almost makes $200,000 for only learning the anatomy of one species; people. Doctors spend six years learning how the human body functions, disorders it can have and how it reacts to medicines and treatment. Veterinarians, on the same hand, spend six years in schooling, but in those six years vets learn the anatomy of multiple species, how the different bodies of numerous animals function, how the bodies react to medicine and how to communicate with their patients; and vets still get paid roughly $90,000 less than a doctor, who only treats one

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