Sainsbury's Pestle Analysis

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The essential part of having a successful business is the purpose,aims and objectives. These are the integral part of any businesses that are successful nowadays. Now what are purposes aims and objectives? Firstly purposes of a business is to offer values through product and services to customers and the reason why that business is made. How to make money. The money received should cover the costs of the business as well as provide for the life needs of the proprieter. Secondly the aims of the business are what they want to achieve or to reach a certain goal for example to increase the sales or the profit. It can also be a long term plan from which business objectives are derived. There are three things that a business looks for is survival,profit …show more content…
They want to access the full world market by offering partnerships with financial and other institutions, depending on the quality and stability of the HSBC brand.
The purpose of Sainsbury’s is to provide a “value for money” retail outlet for the general public to shop at. They want to deliver a good quality shopping experience for their customers with great products at reasonable prices. They want to exceed customer expectations for fresh and tasty food,making lives easier.
The objectives are to serve customers well and provide and provide great financial returns to the stakeholders. Their policy is to work fairly with their suppliers,remembring the mutual benefit of satisfying. They want to provide food at a fair price for the customer so that they are satisfied and happy to buy from Sainsbury’s. Their main objective is to please the customers, without them they won’t make enough revenue to cover costs. They want to deliver the best supermarket
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They both want to be the finest companies in the world,one giving banking services and other giving the finest product at fair price. Both the businesses have almost similar aims and objectives except the purposes. Although they have created a brand name in the world but still wants to achieve more and gain more customer satisfaction. The difference is that HSBC wants to provide good services to clients and want to be successful and also want to connect customer with oppurtunities. Whereas Sainsbury’s is concerned they want to deliver better product and high quality shopping experience for their customers with great products at reasonable prices. The similarity between them is that they both want to please their customers, without them they won’t be able make revenue and cover

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