Definition Essay: The Importance Of Compliments

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I woke up this morning to the sound of my phone going off. I checked the snapchat that had caused this and told that person that their outfit was absolutely adorable. After I got ready for the day, I walked downstairs to talk to my mom. “You look nice today,” is the first thing she says. I mumbled a response that is barely heard. My day is basically the blur of school that I have gone through for years. I hear students in the halls telling others that the look nice or they like what someone did with their hair. School was typical, as was when I got home. My mom and I go grocery shopping and when I walk through Wal-Mart, I hear individuals shouting out compliments to their co-workers, friends, family, and complete strangers. Compliments are all around the world. Compliments can be kind. Compliments can be a bit too harsh. No matter, we have all complimented or been complimented in the past 24 hours. Depending on how self-confident one is, they may accept it with ease or difficulty. Each person is different from the next, but everybody deserves a compliment. How does one know what a good way to compliment is? What if compliments are not true? What is a true compliment? Webster’s definition so compliment is quite specific:
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People with a large amount of self-confidence take compliments easily with either a “Thank you,” or a joke of how good they know they look. When receiving a compliment, there really is not a “correct” way to respond. Individuals want different responses such as a compliment in return, while others will accept a simple “Thank you.” Whether or not one takes compliments in an awkward way, each person has a boost of self-confidence in the moment of receiving one. This can be compared to posing for pictures. When taking a school picture, students have to awkwardly pose as the photographer says; but each student complains about how their body feels awkward in the

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