Persuasive Speech About Breakfast

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Most of the people are very concern about the nutrition in their food that they take to make sure they have already taken all of the important nutrients to make their body become healthier in their daily lives, but some of them are not concerned about having their breakfast which is also important to our body and health. As we all know, many of them are busy doing their activities, but do them, take their breakfast first? Do they have enough energy to work? Do they know the benefits of having a healthy breakfast in the morning? Now, that’s the point that I want to highlight in this talk as many of us are not aware of the effect of skipping breakfast. We must change our habit of not skipping breakfast because it can make a huge difference in …show more content…
This is related to the point before as breakfast could help us to avoid from eating too frequently. It is just a common sense that the less we eat, the less weight we will gain, but still, starving ourselves through the day and gobbling a big dinner is a much worse option. Torturing our body by not feeding them with a good amount of food needed could lead to stress, which is making our body craving for more food which just makes things goes from bad to worse as it can also lead to obesity. This is proven by some studies that have shown stress is one of the main factors leading to obesity. If we think about it in another perspective, keeping our body shape can improve our lifestyle in many ways. Let’s not get sidetracked since our article is all about health so let’s stay focused on our main point. Keeping our weight under control can also help us to improve our stamina which also helps to avoid from fatigue, with this advantage we can do a lot more works or activities in a whole day without adjournment.

Children are the suitable stage where we can observe on how they develop their lives and minds with different kinds of activities and types of education. So it is very important for them to have a good breakfast so they can go through their day with full energy so that they can face their days with better experiences. It is also scientifically proven that kids can have better
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As I remembered spending time with kids who took good breakfast was much fun as they were more communicative and interactive. They could do activities as if their stamina will never run out. These kids could run much longer than me. They were so full of energy that it could rejuvenate me. They could turn any activities to be fun since they could go full regalia to anything they wanted to do. I could feel that they gave their full attention to me. Their alertness and responses were the best. But if they skipped their breakfast, they would be less energetic and they just wanted to sleep and did nothing. Most of them didn’t aware that breakfast was very important to children as it could enhance children’s abilities to the highest point and make them more positive in their daily

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