Persuasive Essay: Why Students Should Work In College

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Xinwei Wu
Dr. Good
English 1301
4 June 2016
Students Should Work in College
If you were a student in college, would you like to work at the same time? Some people work when they are in college. I am a student in college right now, and I plan to find a part time job soon. Working in college can earn more money, gain experience, and learn responsibility and new skills.
Students can get extra money from working because students need to use the money. If I have extra money, I can get everything we like. One of my friends Rita works in college. She tells me that her family cannot afford a large amount of the tuition so that she has to work to earn money. As a student, I will not only pay the tuition, but also some other fees, such as books, housing, and food. There are some countless expenses that I need in college. I do not have a good supply of income, so my parents pay everything for me. But I do not want to spend money from my parents, so I think working in college is the best way to save their money. If I could earn some extra money, I could reduce my parents’ burden somehow. Everyone has his or her own opinion, but working in college is not a bad choice.
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Students can also get more experience from work. Working in college will provide many opportunities to make new friends. And also I could choose some jobs which could connect to my dream job in the future. Working experiences will help me to become a better and stronger person as well as greatly preparing my life after college. Many recruiters and employers are looking for workers who really have some experiences in related field. If college students can have some experiences before graduate, that would be a better reference for us. I would like to work in college because perhaps I could meet some people who could provide me some future career

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