Persuasive Essay: Why Should College Be Free?

My whole life everyone would asked me are you going to run the pawn shop? I would usually says i don 't know or sure why not. When I was growing up i never thought I would have these opportunity to go to college because I was so behind in my academic and never really like school until my Junior year of highschool. That was when math and others stuffs started to click for me. So i have high goals for myself for with the medical field but i will have fun with college too. I believe college should be free.
Today 's economy you have to have all college degree to get a good job to get anywhere in life and to make a well earning paycheck. Coming right out of college with a degree may be difficult getting a jobs right away but if we had a more educational society it would help make a better jobs working for. By not having a college degree really seems to hurt people in the end because the statistic show people without one get paid less with people who went to college. In recent year show make below $25,000 (Desilver). For people with graduated they still earn more than not having a
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For example a lot of them would worry about paying off their student loans before, and after college. Most college students usually have jobs just to pay for student loans and everyday living expenses. There 's a new study founded by Georgetown University over the past twenty-five years, more than seventy percent of student work while attending school ( Rapacon). It would be nicer for them to have to worry only about living expenses, instead of stressing out over their college bills. From asking people around campus they all usually would rather only worry about school then work and would make their grade better. It would help some parents with the stress because they would not have to worry about paying for their kids future and could worry about paying for other things they have to worry

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