Argumentative Essay: The Sport Of Hunting

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The Sport of Hunting
You see an older gentleman going down the road and you see a big shinny chrome looking box in the back of his truck. You hear a dog howling in that box and you see him just grinning from ear to ear. Suddenly, a deer runs across the road and three hounds are chasing him. A hunter is a person who attempts to supply for their family or hunts for a buck of a lifetime. Hunters have specific methods to hunting which could be still hunting. A still hunter basically sits and watches deer. a dog hunter gets up and chases the deer into uncharted territory. Deer hunting to people who no nothing about hunting believe it to be unethical and want it banded but it’s a life that some wont give up. Whether you want a buck of a lifetime or you want to put food on the table you just want to hunt and not disturbing the peace.
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A still hunter is someone who sits still in a stand or in a blind and watches the animals in their natural habitat. Most hunters today are to be considered trophy hunters. Trophy hunters are the people who hunt for either the bigger body on the animal or if deer hunting then for the wider and taller antlers. Deer do have mutations like being a snow white color or have an antler or antlers grow in a downward way. Deer hunters are dying out and more and more towns and subdivisions are taking their habitats away. In 2001, approximately 11 percent of the world still, in any forms, hunt (Alexander). By my calculations if only 11 percent still hunts then a little over 770 million people still hunt anything and that most of them don’t normally hunt for just one animal. Some hunters do hunt for food and not for fun. This is what hunting should be about. A dog hunter is someone who uses dog to kill deer and other animals. These people tend to be going for the bigger deer which messes up the natural system. Hunting is how people live and how people want to

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