Essay On Embassies

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The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has attacked American embassies is Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, and Libya. As a result, killing hundreds of United States civilians, soldiers and personnel of the State Department. The President has issued an executive order to deploy 100,000 troops into Iraq and Syria; with the objective of putting and end to ISIS power. President Assad 's supported ISIS through instilling jihadist extremism within his citizens of his country. He as exacerbated instability in the region. This indubitably makes him a war criminal and thus a clear and present danger. The attacks upon these U.S. embassies are clear acts of war and thus, just cause for immediate military response. Without the eradication of ISIS, we are prone to guaranteed further terrorist attacks, continued instability, and increased loss in civilian life. As well as lack of sovereignty for Iraqi citizens. The Commander in Chiefs plan is morally justified due to utilitarianism provided that fairness, the …show more content…
Some claim ISIS is not a real threat because they have not attacked on our home soil. Yet, they attacked four of our embassies, killing several Americans, justice should be served. They have global network of communication, and the attacks in Paris were precise, efficient, and synchronized proving advanced tactical strategy. Also, some affirm that terrorism is an ideal which can never fully be eradicated, however it is unethical to not respond to terrorism when the U.S. has intel and the military strength to prevent future terrorist attacks. If there was never any effort to prevent terrorism, the world would be in chaos. Lastly, a common fear would be that U.S. military action could provoke further ISIS attacks, which is a possibility, but ISIS has attacked our allies without provocation. Every military action has consequences and repercussions, but in this particular scenario the pros heavily outweigh the

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