Stop Isis Essay

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We need to get involved in stopping ISIS so we can have normal lives without being scared about what they might do. Some think we do not need boots on the ground in foreign countries but to stop them we are going to have to. We need to protect this country before it goes downhill even more. Getting involved on the war on terror is not only imperative for our standard way of living this also will protect our future. Williams states how ISIS is killing innocent and trying to kill off religious people "mass beheadings of Christians, children burned alive in cages, and the latest reports of apostasy being forced to lay over bombs buried in the sand" (Williams). We need to get involved in stopping them before they come over here and kill us. Some …show more content…
Williams says that states the express goal of ISIS, "the express goal of Isis is to extinguish all Christians and other religious minorities from the Middle East" (Williams). Christians need to continue to be in prayer and defend their freedoms and actions in Washington. Radical behaviors or extremists believe In beheading and killing others for their opposing religious beliefs, specifically Christians. Williams is finding out what Isis is doing daily "everyday, we see new accounts of Christians and yazidis being captured , women being enslaved, and mass murders being committed by Isis" (Williams). It is time allied nations join forces and combine armies to defeat such a destructive group of violent criminals. We have to get someone to do something but no one will and they think it is acceptable to behead someone and cast it on television. Life is so fragile and those that seek to destroy American values and the Christian faith want citizens to cower down and live in fear, but this country was founded on courage and the freedom of religion. In the interview Randal says that he believes that we need to eliminate ISIS. He says that ISIS needs to be stopped because they are trying to destroy our way of life. Freedom influenced his opinion on destroying ISIS. He says he loves his freedom and always have in America

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