Opportunities In College

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Education is said to be “the great equalizer” among social class and race. Despite the lack of resources, poor funding, and limited opportunities, low-income students still get access to higher education. However, getting through college isn’t the only struggle. Growing up, it is instilled in you that college is an investment, and job opportunities will come like there’s no tomorrow. As Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars would say “It’s a trap!” Investments are great if you get employment right away; this is not the case in most occasions. Countless of college grads are stuck doing minimum wage jobs, instead of exploiting their knowledge in what they studied hard for; a great case of “underemployed and overeducated”. Sadly low-income students can’t just dig in their …show more content…
Henry. Yet both groups of graduates earn the same piece of paper that showcases the completion of their long efforts with their college career. The trouble is that many low-income students rarely benefit from inheritances or other transfers of wealth that help upper-class students afford down payments on homes or college tuition. Low-income students have to go at life alone, with all the debt and unemployment that comes with it. This struggle is what tends to turn most people away from college, since they feel that they will only be adding wood to the fire of their economically unstable situation. According to Danielle Douglas-Gabriel, “Despite the financial gains afforded by a college degree, minority graduates suffer greater losses of wealth than their less educated counterparts.” The idea is that, right after college you start working rather than “wasting 4 years in college” and work your way up. However, that just puts an even greater financial gap between the wealthy and the poor since low-income students are just settling rather than truly exploiting their

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