The Upside Of Income Inequality By Gary Becker And Kevin M. Murphy Shed

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In “The Upside of Income Inequality” Gary Becker and Kevin M. Murphy shed light on wealth gap, the reason behind it and the lesser thought perks it has. Throughout the article, the writers claim that it should be noted that inequality accord with being appreciative towards the return on investments made in human capital i.e. it rewards those who educate themselves more and are more adept and so is a positive catalyst toward the wage gap. According to me, the writers came across quite biased and ignorant. Though they did make some valid points regarding education and wage gap. It seemed as if they were quite determined to prove that education was the only reason behind the issue and disregarded important issues like unemployment, inherited wealth and income equality based on gender. The writers introduce the topic of Income inequality by using substantial statistics from reliable sources like the Business Week magazine and UNDP Report claiming that there is a strong relationship between increasing wealth gap and decrease in poverty in China. They claim that it is not indispensable for politicians in United states to be this much concerned about this growing income inequality as because of the obviousness in case of china and India regarding the inequality and economic growth. Now, their claim rest upon an assumption that different countries follow the same economic pattern. And while their research might be true for China and India, the same is not the case for…

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