American Football Athletics Analysis

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Kylee Schliemann
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A big topic in today's media is American football athletes have started kneeling during the national anthem in protest of what America truly stands for. In his senior year of college, football player Colin Kaepernick felt at loss with America along with his ethnic history. (Branch) Before he knew it, he was to become the face of social activates for black American men, and to become aware of the truth of everyday challenges he previously did not know about because of his fortunate early life. When police brutality against black American men started to rise exponentially as if a trend, Mr. Kaepernick chose to protest such social prejudice, particularly the violence against black Americans,
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One search can bring up the fact that athletes taking a knee is to represent another who is hurt on the field even the opposing team of the player who got hurt. Taking a knee has implication of respect and concern in any sport. in addition, though Kaepernick's decision to take a knee has been describes as disrespectful to the troops, there is yet another tradition but this one in the military. To take a knee at funerals of fallen companion is a must for any veteran. This shows respect for the fallen. So when Kaepernick went to former football player and veteran Nate Boyer, he had this in mind rather than sitting to show respect and concern. I cannot talk about taking a knee without looking back at the symbolic movement that has been used throughout history. Martin Luther King, Jr. is arguably our most famous Civil Rights leader. He too had put his knee down to show respect to others in prayer to prisoners in Selma. Many americans admire Martin, when in reality during his own time he was a victim of scorn much like Kaepernick, by the people who weren't comfortable enough with anything other than the status …show more content…
They stand because they love their country and to honor the people putting their lives on the line for them on a daily basis in the army. They believe that in the world of turmoil, one thing is that the flag and everything our country was built on is one of the many important factors we rely on. To fast forward fifteen years and hopefully look back unified with pride as Americans. Colin Kaepernick's choice to take one knee during our national anthem sparked a movement for not just the NFL but America as a whole. With all its popularity, this protest is truly in almost all different types of professional sports to bring attention to racism. It's no surprise that by come portray the riot as against the troops when in reality, they protest that "as long as America continues to treat people differently based on skin color, then it has failed to fulfill the promises in the constitution. Maybe instead of asking why he took a knee, we should ask ourselves why didn't more take a

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