Hog Hunting Persuasive Speech

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In some southern states, hog hunting has become incredibly popular due to the increase in the hog population. They 're aggressive animals. They breed incredibly quick, and they can threaten livestock and farm crops. With the high breeding rate of the animals, some states like Texas have millions of hogs threatening local farms. Feral hog hunting is a dangerous sport, but it 's become necessary to reduce the population. In some states, the sport isn 't regulated at all because of the very real need to reduce the amount of hogs.

If you 're thinking about hunting hogs, these tips should help you on your journey. Even experienced hunters will need tips for dealing with these aggressive and dangerous animals. With their sharp tusks and mean attitude, they can be deadly creatures. They 're also incredibly
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Training Bay or Catch Dogs
You 'll need to decide what kind of dogs you want to train. Some good tracking dogs will be able to bay when they catch scent of a hog, they might not be the best dogs to chase down and capture a feral hog out in the wild. This process involves some research.

Protecting Your Dogs

16. Dangerous Work
The work of a hunting dog is dangerous when they 're catching feral hogs. The same tusks and teeth that could hurt a human will absolutely hurt a dog. Make sure they are properly trained before bringing them hog hunting. They should never be brought out to a hunt unless they 're able to defend themselves. They can learn from an older, experienced dog too.

17. Vests
Getting the proper equipment for your dog is vital for their survival. Vests can perform double duty since they can be used for detection during night hunts and for protection too. Kevlar vests will protect a dog from a wild hogs aggressive attacks.

18. Neck Protectors
A gouge to a hunting dog 's neck could nick an important artery. Protecting the dog 's neck can mean the difference between life or death for the canine, so buying a neck protector is vital for the

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