Persuasive Essay On Health Care

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The United States of America has a problem. That problem is with health care more specifically the affordability and availability of being health care to all of its citizens. What can we do to make a change and alleviate this particular problem? We need a major reform to accommodate all of our people. There’s far too many in our society that are uninsured and go without the proper treatments. Our system has many flaws. I believe I may have the answers to alleviate some of the qualms that come with the current health care. Firstly, we need a health care that everyone can afford and be covered by. The best option would be to look at how other countries handle their health care. The most logical thing we can do is have health care be covered …show more content…
For one, getting the government involved in something as important as health care. The government does not always prefer to take responsibility when things go awry. But, in times like these a change needs occur and if that requires the government to become involved so be it.
Some people would say that they don’t want free health care due to them being willing to pay for it. Well, that would be fine if everyone in our nation could afford to pay for it and have no issues with their insurance. However, this is not a reality and we have to make it available to everyone in our society and also allow them to receive the same quality of care. Why wouldn’t we want our fellow man to be as healthy as us, regardless of their inability to pay?
If I had my way, this is how our health care would operate. Everyone gets a small increase in taxes. Then this would allow everyone in the United States to be equally covered by what is called a universal insurance. Another way, this could be established is let all doctors be put on a salary. They shouldn’t have any issues with that as they of course would still get a substantial amount of pay to do the job of saving lives. This in term would also do away with a direct fee system which allows doctors to charge their patrons any amount they see fit. Overall, the system would work better for our nation. It works just fine for other countries as

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