Pro Gay Marriage

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The common person growing up in a traditional Christian household in the United States of America does not openly think gay marriage is something they should support or encourage. I personally do not support gay marriage, because I grew up in a Christian home and learned about traditional marriage. Gay marriage is an unnatural act that should never be encouraged, because old-fashioned marriage is between a man and a woman. Men and women were designed for each other physically, spiritually, traditionally and even scientifically. Gay marriage should not be legal or encouraged due to the fact that it cannot produce new life, it is not biblical, and it swerves off the path of the foundation of traditional society. The world always has, and …show more content…
I personally believe in Jesus and everything the bible has to offer. Numerous people in today’s world do not believe in the bible, God, or Jesus; however, I am strong believer and believe in what the bible says. Growing up in a traditional American family, my family was based on Jesus and the love of the church. Being raised in a Christian household, I was taught about traditional marriage between a man and a woman. Many bible verses are associated with gay marriage, gay acts and homosexual outlooks on life. Many verses puts to shame gay acts and having sexual relations with another of the same sex, calling it an abomination. The definition of abomination is the feeling of hatred or disgust. God created a man and a woman to be fruitful and multiply. God created Adam and Eve so they would reproduce and fill the earth. The fact that God did not create two males or two females in the first book of the bible shows God did not intend on there being gay marriages. God intended marriage to be between man and woman. Anything other than that is not natural. The basis of Christianity is set upon the foundation of man and woman coming together to create new life in God’s image. God put Mary and Joseph together, two pure people, a man and a woman, to birth the king of kings and lord of lords Jesus Christ. There was a reason God did not put two woman together to have the child of God. Gay marriage cannot produce new life, it is not biblical, and it is also off the path of traditional

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