Should Condoms Be Passd Out On Christian Campuses?

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It is amazing that Christian schools have high rates of STDs, pregnancies, and abortion but no one wants to talk about it, or better yet, find other ways than just saying “Be abstinent or celibate” to prevent them. There are other issues on campuses than retention rates, graduation rates, the teaching ability of faculty and staff, and others. I am not saying that those are not important, because they are. I am just saying that it is important we focus on the whole part of the campuses including students and sexual behavior and what we can do to help prevent certain circumstances, such as having condoms available at health services for people.
The issue of if condoms should be passed out on Christian high school and college campuses has long
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One stance comes from those who are indifferent to the situation. They don’t really care or it doesn’t affect them. Pass out the condom if you want or don’t. The next stance comes from those who agree that condoms should be passed out on Christian campuses. The last stance comes from the people (most Adventist to be specific) who will say that condoms shouldn’t be passed out on Christian high schools and college campuses because it goes against what the Bible tells us. Some people claim that making condoms available will encourage sexual behavior and is wrong to do. They say it will promote sexual activity, defeat the purpose of abstinence programs, and portray the idea that having sex outside of marriage or with multiple people is ok. Because fornication is a sin, one may ask why we should give people access to continue it? If that’s the case, why do we have HIV testing on Adventist campuses when 9 times out of 10, you get it by sexual behavior? Is that condoning it? If I pass out clean needles to drug users, is that condoning them using drugs? But the main question before you today is “Should condoms be dispersed on Adventist and college campuses?” Will they promote sexual activities? However, that is not fully true. Dr. Theodore Brown, who is a pastor and faculty member of Oakwood University, and his wife, Dr. Vickie Brown, both agree that the distribution of condoms is important for the safety of the students that they are …show more content…
I understand and know that people will genuinely think that distributing condoms will seem as if leniency is taking place or its doing the devils work. I also know that not every body, if any, is going to be compelled to have sex if they have a condom. I believe that condoms should be passed on Christian high school and college campuses. As a people we need to understand that yes, there are those teens/young adults that will remain abstinent until marriage but we also must understand that there are those who will continue to have sex. In schools, not only should we teach about abstinence, which is the greatest way to prevent STDs and pregnancy, but for those who are already involved and don’t plan to stop, there needs to be another strategy to help them strategy. That strategy can come in the form of condom distribution to protect these students against unwanted pregnancies and diseases. Giving out condoms to students doesn’t open a door to having sex, but instead opens the door to discuss the responsibility of what sex outside of marriage entails. Even if the use of condoms hasn’t slowed down sexual activity in teens and young adults, the availability of being able to get condoms at schools can at least help cut down pregnancies and most sexually transmitted diseases among students that consistently use them. Teens and young adults

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