Competitive Sports Persuasive Research Paper

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An issue that is hotly debated is whether competitive sports are necessary. Some people think competitive is a waste of money, but according to researchers, competitive sports is a great thing for children. When children play on a competitive team parents only think about the negative things about it not the positives. Also, research shows that kids playing on a competitive sports team because traveling is a great learning experience for children. Kid should be play competitive sports because of the socializing, exercise, and the competition

Most people think that being on a travel team is useless, but actually it is beneficial socially. One way that it is beneficial socially is being on a travel team helps children make new friends.
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First off, when children are playing the game they push themselves to do their best. For instance, when children meet the horizon they do their best. They push themselves to be faster, and work harder. The competition is what pushes kids to learn faster than usual and play at a high level (Josephson). This means that when kids push themselves they do better. In addition, Children think that competing is not a good thing. Competition is not a scary thing. Kids develop confidence to do things that are challenging when they take risks (Josephson). This means that when children see other people competing harder than them they get scared because they think they are not good enough to play against them. Lastly, children being on a travel team will improve their competition to play. For example, Commitment is an important part of being on a team. That is why kids should be apart of a travel team. People say “Successful people do the things that unsuccessful people do not want to do. That is why they are successful” (Josephson). This shows that when kid are playing the game they build their level of competition. Conclusively, sports have a positive effect on players of a competitive

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