Persuasive Essay On Bigfoot

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Imagine walking through the woods alone one day when you hear a twig snap. You stand frozen and all of a sudden you look and there it is staring at you. It is tall, black, and hairy. It disappears in the brush and you know what you just saw. It was a bigfoot. Although many people don’t believe in bigfoot, there are a bunch of supporting facts that proves bigfoot does exist, like the Patterson Gimlin film, dna testing, sightings, and photographs by other people. The Patterson Gimlin film is a very famous clip of a bigfoot that was taken in 1967. Many people think it was hoaxed but this is why it isn’t a hoax. No one has ever come forward with the costume that was supposedly worn in the clip. People say that the film was a fake, but if it is fake then why has no one ever come forth with costume that was worn in the clip. 5 Many people say that they wore the costume in the film.That doesn’t make sense because their stories all contradict one another. There can’t be more than one person in
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Here are just a few. People are dying to see proof that bigfoot exists. In Marble Mountains a youth group was camping when their leader Jim Mills took a video of a very tall, sulking creature on top of the hill. It is the longest video of a bigfoot taken so far. You can’t say bigfoot is real unless there’s proof. Here it is. In October, 2012 two brothers walking in the Provo Canyons saw what they thought was a bear. Then it stood up and ran. They sprinted away very scared and didn’t go back. People need to know about this sighting. In Mississippi, 2013, Josh Highcliff was hunting when he saw a bigfoot. He ran away because he was frightened by this beast and he hasn’t gone hunting on his property since. He put the picture of the bigfoot on the internet to help identify the creature. Experts say that it is a bigfoot. These are just a few bigfoot sightings in the past couple years to prove that bigfoot does

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