Bigfoot Research Paper

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If you go into the forest and you see a big hairy creature it's probably big foot. Most people don't believe in Bigfoot, but i do. It would be awesome if someone really proved that Bigfoot is real and there is a lot of them

Upon big foots father's death,bigfoot became the leader of the tribe. They suffered during the Sioux war for the black hills after the war, they settled on the Cheyenne river in South Dakota. “Big foot encouraged his people to adapt to life on the reservation”(“Big foot”).Bigfoot is in the species of giants,It stands between 7 to 9 feet tall and completely covered in black or reddish hair. They leave behind between 16 to 20 inches long of a footprint.Bigfoot is also called a Sasquatch is the generic name of an unknown
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Once some actual evidence existed, Neil indeed would have been first in line to pack up his field gear and head off into the wild to study this strange new primate. “ How many individual Yetis would be required to maintain a breeding population for the last ten or twenty million years without a single fossil, bone, carcass, or reliable sighting”(‘general one”). Unlike bears, another large mammal, Bigfoot, as a primate, is physiologically incapable of hibernation.

Some people think that Bigfoot is not real,so people think he is real. I think he is real people can’t joke about the videos,i think there is a lot more of his tribe that are still alive. Or maybe Bigfoot and his tribe were alive and are now extinct because they did not have food, or did not have any shelter for them to live anywhere.”Above all, the Miniconjou praised Spotted Elk for his political and diplomatic accomplishments”.(“Gale group”). Other Lakota tribes often requested his services during times of conflict with other Native American groups.

This is why i think Bigfoot is real,if you see a big hairy thing in the forest I would turn around and start running.But yet no one has really seen bigfoot for sure

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