Observation Of Bigfoot Behavior

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It often amazes me that people have a difficult time with the concept that Bigfoot is a human hybrid. You honestly expect a humanoid creature that is over seven feet tall, covered in hair, that has abilities that are essentially supernatural, that possesses superhuman strength, that can live so close to civilization, yet remain almost completely hidden from man, and that possesses an extremely high intellect to have “normal” DNA!? I would expect it to have strange and unexplainable DNA consistent with the findings of the Sasquatch Genome Study.

The following statements will disturb many in the “Bigfoot Research Community” and the general public at large. I base my conclusions on the facts and first hand observation of Bigfoot behavior. Because I think
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My friend and I were leaving the National Park walking a main trail. On our left was a steep grade with exposed rocks. On our right was a small creek and then beyond the creek a steep slope covered in heavy vegetation. I was closest to the creek with my friend walking beside me on my left. My friend had a Digital Voice Recorder (DVR) that was recording and I had my back trail camera recording. I was purposely “bad mouthing” the Bigfoot. Making direct comments about the Bigfoot in general, how they were just messing with us, calling them cowards for not showing themselves. I was mocking them and I challenged them to do something. While I am making these comments I am hit with something. It felt like a bolt of electricity entered my body on the right side, went through my chest, and exited out my left arm. The jolt was enough to cause me to almost lose my balance and fall. It “addled” me. At the same moment, my friend heard a whooshing noise as if the wind was blowing across his face, yet there was no wind. I stumbled and we both stopped. I asked him if he felt that and he said: “no but I heard it, I heard a

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