Bigfoot Conspiracy Theory

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A conspiracy theory is a belief that some convert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event. Whether you believe in bigfoot or not, there is a large amount proving his existence. Bigfoot is real because, there are numerous sightings and lots of footprints. Bigfoot is incredibly good at hiding, which is why it is so hard to find bigfoot. They are commonly mistaken as a bear and other common creatures instead of bigfoot.
Nearly one-third of Americans believe in bigfoot. Rob Lowe claims to have seen bigfoot while filming his new tv show. Jeffrey Gonzalez claimed that he spotted bigfoot in Northern Carolina, and many other people have seen the creatures as well. Also, there are many footprints and other physical evidence proving his existence. Lastly, there is lots of DNA found in hair that people gathered.
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Bigfoot is extremely good at hiding, but he is still spotted in various places. Bigfoot has been spotted in Washington, California, Florida, Illinois, and Ohio. He has been sighted in more places than listed, but those are the top five.
People commonly mistake bigfoot as other creatures. He looks similar to some breeds of animals. Meaning, more people could have seen him without knowing. He has similar characteristics of other species of animals. This makes him difficult to spot him.
In conclusion, there are various reasons concluding that bigfoot is real. There are books, movies, and a tv shows about bigfoot. Bigfoot is not just a character, he is a real-life creature. He roams the forests unseen by the human eyes. If we look hard enough and stop thinking of this species as a mythical character and actually look for them then we can discover

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