Argumentative Essay About Bigfoot

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If you saw a big, hairy creature through the trees, in the forest, how would you react? Many people get scared of Bigfoot in the woods. What you need to know is, Bigfoot is fake.

Evidence #1:

Many conjectures are made each year about Bigfoot. Reading this article, “Georgia Bigfoot Hoax Draws Global Attention” says that Matthew Whitton and his buddy, Rick Dyer have proof of a dead Bigfoot. Whitton was interviewed and he later admitted that “Bigfoot was a fake and he was not really spotted” (Radford). This interview sounded more like the X-Files than real science. The 2nd piece of evidence was found and another “dead Bigfoot was being studied by Tom Biscardi, a molecular biologist, an anthropologist, and a paleontologist” (Radford). The final proof
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A question that pulled me in was why “the reports of Bigfoot don’t have detailed explanations in them” (“North America Bigfoot Search”) and that is because the main focus of websites is to tell people what happened and not where Bigfoot was found. This is proof that the sightings of Bigfoot are fake. The evidence of Bigfoot has not emerged, meaning it is fraud. Matt Whitton “refused to show the evidence of Bigfoot’s DNA and body” (Than). Bigfoot is obviously a hoax.

Counter Argument & Rebuttal:

Some people believe that bigfoot is real. Some people have argued about the “feet of Bigfoot” (National Geographic Society), whether they are a costume of Bigfoot or the real thing. I believe that Bigfoot is fake and Bigfoot has been claimed fake. He was found and being studied but when he was being studied by Steve Kulls, Kulls said that “the foot of Bigfoot was rubber” (Than). And finally, Bigfoot’s hair was being examined and when that was going on his “hair had melted into a ball of hair” (Than) , instead of lines of hair.

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