The Blood Pit Book Analysis

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The Blood Pit

Kate Ellis is a crime fiction writer known for her ability to incorporate medieval history and archaeology in her crime and mystery novels. The historical facts used to illustrate Kate’s novels enrich its plots providing readers not only with the excitement of solving mysteries but also with interesting facts about history of the medieval times.
The Wesley Peterson series is an example of her mystery and history blend, it is an exciting series of eighteen crime novels in which she follows the path of police detective Wesley Peterson in county Devon, South West England.
The Blood Pit is the twelfth of the series. This time DI Wesley Peterson and his team find themselves puzzled trying to solve the mystery behind two murder cases
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Neil wants to discover if this Brother William existed and what had happened in the Veland abbey, so he sends his assistant Annabel to the archives to find out more information. She notices that the journal of some abbot of Veland abbey was missing.
Meanwhile, the crime investigation yields the police many suspects and revealing truths about the victims.
There were also the bones that had been found by two boys out of serendipity, during an adventurous scape from their mothers to the woods. They were found to belong to a sex offender who disappeared twenty years earlier.
After following so many clues, DI Peterson and his team finally find out what the three victims, Charles Marrick, Simon Tench and Christopher Grisham had in common besides having died the same way.
They had been interns in the same boarding school, the Belsinger School, and had been under the responsibility of the same housemaster, Mr. Mortimer

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