Write An Argumentative Essay On Bigfoot

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What has a twelve to twenty inch foot, is covered in hair, and lurks in the woods and mountains? Many people say Bigfoot is a myth. However, research shows he and his cousins, Yeti and Sasquatch, roam these woods standing anywhere between six and fifteen feet tall.

Evidence #1:

Many people say that Bigfoot is just a man in a gorilla suit, but research shows that there could be something more out there. According to stories reported, Bigfoot can reach up to speeds “impossible for any human to achieve. It was shaggy looking and very tall, maybe six-and-a-half or seven feet tall” (Shealy). Not just an everyday man would be six-and-a-half or seven feet tall, have a shaggy look, and be able to reach excessive speeds.

Evidence #2:

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