Argumentative Essay: The Origin Of Species

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There has always been much controversy over your theory of evolution; a theory that has lasted or almost 160 years, with not a single piece of evidence presented that disproves the fundamental validity of that theory. In fact, it is being supported time and time again by fossil records. However, thats not to say your theory is perfect. The point of a theory is not to be perfect. The ideas you have presented, however, are the best and most scientifically grounded ideas we have about the way species evolve and change. Especially considering you developed these ideas without the understanding and knowledge of genetics and molecular biology. But still, you have managed to develop a set of laws explaining the evolution of species, which later became the backbone of biology. Impressive.

You have made one of the most important contributions to the science of evolution; your concept of natural selection. Natural selection is the basis for our understanding of how species evolve over time. The idea that the members of a species compete with each other in a fight to see who can be better adapted to their environment and gain a larger advantage of surviving and reproducing a better version of themselves is amazing. I am particularly
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Your theory can be seen throughout the natural world. From our own genes to everything around us. The world is just a giant game of survival of the fittest. One of my reasons for believing in your theory is the evidence that we have in front of us. As I had said before, your theory has been continuously backed up by fossils. Each fossil we find helps us to see and understand how animals and plants have changed over time. However, there are still those nonbelievers who say that your theory, is just that … a theory: ideas intended to explain something. They believe that this is all just ideas you had come up with. But me … I’m a

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