IDA: Is Hunting Safe For Deer?

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Is Hunting Safe for Deer? The organization, IDA also known as In Defense of Animals, believes that hunting causes problems for the environment and for the deer that are being killed, while other people argue that hunting causes no problems for deer. IDA’s arguments suggest that hunters only kill for sport, and kill too many deer. They also suggest that deer do not have capabilities of defending themselves when a hunter has a firearm at hand. In order to stop the negativity of organizations like the IDA, laws have been put into place. By following regulations and helping control the deer population, hunters make hunting safe for the deer. Deer can be viewed by sportsman as trophies that would look great on their walls. For example, a point …show more content…
It is true that millions of animals are being killed every year. For example, over 343,110 deer were killed in Pennsylvania in the 2012-2013 season (2012-2013 Pennsylvania Deer Kill). 343,110 is the number of deer in Pennsylvania. If you include every animal that is capable of being hunted, and all the states that accept hunting, the number reaches into hundreds of millions. Even though millions of deer are being killed throughout the nation, the deer population has thrived more now than ever before. “Just a century ago there was less than a million deer in America. Today, there are nearly thirty million” (The Private Life of a Deer). The population has grown to an outstanding number, therefore an overpopulation of deer is a problem. A danger to deer and humans can arise when deer start to venture into suburban areas. More people hit deer with their car causing fatality or suffering for the deer, and possibly serious injuries to the driver and passengers which can lead to death. “In Cayuga Heights, New York, there are about one hundred deer per square mile. The ideal number is five deer per square mile. These high numbers of deer has caused deer collisions to comprise most of the mortality rate in these areas” (The Private Life of a Deer). If hunters were to stop hunting altogether, the population of deer would go through the roof. Hunters are needed to keep the number of deer at a constant rate. They are a major help in population control. Hunting is safer for a deer rather than being hit by a car, and left along the road to die. Because of hunting, deer populations are controlled, and kept at safe numbers, but if hunting stops, the ecosystem as a whole would

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