The Importance Of Hunting

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Fish and Game
Give a man something to eat you will feed him for a day give him the opportunity to hunt and fish, you will feed him for a lifetime. Back in the old days when people slept in huts and tee pees hunting was necessary for men to provide food and shelters for their family. There isn’t one part of the animal that went to waist. Bones were used for tools, stomachs were used for pouches, the skin was used to cover the tee pees and obviously the meat was used for food. In the old days before guns were invented people used long sticks with sharp stones. At that time, there were no hunting regulations and rules. Hunting was a part of life and there wasn’t really a reason for there to be rules. As time has passed so have the means and reasons
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Hunters made these laws to make sure there would be enough game for future generations. Hunters play an important role in management because they are one way to keep deer population numbers in balance. Other conditions that affect the population growth of deer are weather, human development, old age, starvation, accidents, predators, disease, and loss of habitat. In 1907 there were approximately 500,000 deer in the United States but due to the laws that were put in place in the 1900’s there was approximately 32 million deer in the United States in 2009. Preservation and conservation are two forms of management. Conservation is taking natural resources but limiting the amount you take so there will be a population. Preservation is taking no resources from the environment so the population can be fully restored. As an example of conservation, the deer population has come back to large numbers. While in the past, hunting was necessary for survival, now it is more of a sport. Early man needed the meat to feed his family and hides to clothe them. For today’s hunter it is not a matter of survival. Most hunters enjoy the meat from their harvested animal. Some take the hide or feathers to a taxidermist to have it tanned and stretched over a form for a trophy. This is very popular when a buck deer with a large rack of horns is killed. Hides and furs are still used in making decorative items. (Sgt. David Walsh and Sgt. David …show more content…
They have to have good communication skills to try and get information out of hunters to see if they are hiding anything. If a hunting trip goes bad and someone goes missing then it is a part of fish and game officer’s job to be a part of the search and rescue mission. Fish and Game Officers help prevent poaching and they have many different ways to catch a poacher. The Fish and Game people keep tabs on the animals to see what environment they like to live in and what they eat to see what makes the deer bigger. Fish and game officers also make sure that people have their fishing license. If someone is fishing without their license then can be fined. They try and make the hunters follow these rules so everyone is safe and private property is not being damaged. (Fish and Wildlife Game Warden: Job Description)
Hunting is the biggest part of life and not too many people realize that. People need to hunt to survive. If the government passed the law to take away guns then how would certain people provide meet for their family? People rely on hunting for food, hunting keeps families from starving in the winter time. Just having that extra meet from the animal helps so much and it goes a long

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