Personality Types Of Group Members Based On The Myers Briggs Type Indicator

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The purpose of this paper is to review personality types of group members based on the Myers-Briggs type indicator (MBTI). We will discuss the similarities and differences of extraverted intuitive thinking judging (ENTJ), extraverted sensing feeling judging (ESFJ), introverted intuitive feeling judging (INFJ), introverted intuitive thinking judging (INTJ), and extraverted sensing feeling perceiving (ESFP), type personalities. Explain how the above mentioned personality types work together in a group. Understanding the different personalities helps the group work together in the most beneficial way. Using each personalities strengths to the advantage of the group and growing from the different weaknesses.
Keywords: myers-briggs type indicator, extraverted intuitive thinking judging, extraverted sensing feeling judging, introverted intuitive feeling judging, introverted intuitive thinking judging, and extraverted sensing feeling perceiving

Overview of Myers-Briggs Personality Types
People with extraverted sensing feeling judging (ESFJ) personalities are known to be hard workers who value being in charge. One of the biggest strengths for ESFJs is the ability to recognize problems and delegate to resolve them. They are also known to play hard and find joy in entertaining others. Generally speaking ESFJs “wear their hearts on their sleeves” and therefore are easily wounded and have a difficult time controlling their emotions. While this trait is a…

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