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Bastian has grown and developed in a normal fashion. He no longer is mean to other and is not a leader like before. He is more independent and prefers to do things on his own. He is smart and enjoys school. Bastian has an interest in science and does very well in it. He also plays sports and plays with his sister.
Bastian is a very active person. He is always running around and enjoys to learn. He loves science so I signed him up for science camps that were offered at the local college. He loves going to them and talks about new things he learns when he goes. He looks forward to going to the science camps, he also enjoys playing soccer and baseball. Bastian is on a team and I help out by being the assistant coach. He plays every
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When looking back at his first grade report card Bastian’s reading and writing abilities were good, he now is reading above average and finds books that he enjoys reading. I got Bastian interested in reading by taking him to the library and getting books for both of us to read. He enjoyed doing so and now will bring books home and read them, he takes books with him when we go places and always has a book in the car. Bastian has also continued to improve in areas such as math and science. He has been going to science camps and plays computer games that improves his math and science abilities. He shows a real interest in both areas, he does look forward to participating in such camps and will read science type books. I get Bastian things that interest his learning and help him develop a further understanding of certain …show more content…
He no longer makes grammar mistakes when talking, and enjoys books. We read a book before bed every night. He will catch his own mistakes and correct them. Bastian recently got an interest in playing a musical instrument, he got a saxophone and is taking lessons to learn to play it. Bastian enjoys to learn on his own, he will work independently and does not work in many groups. He does however learn a lot from learning. For example, Bastian will build things that he sees, he will also draw things and will copy things I do. He learned to do his laundry from watching me do it, it is now his chore to do laundry. He also has great logical skills, he is able to solve complex problems on his own. He does get stressed but he has come up with methods to deal with stress on his own. Bastian does not ask for much help he solves problems on his own. Bastian has great hand eye coordination, he has become very talented at baseball. I signed him up for a traveling team, he also loves to work with his hands and learns well from doing instead of just watching. Bastian is advanced in a lot of area, his best areas are math and science. He does very well in these areas because he enjoys the material and loves to attend science

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