Personality, Not Intelligence, The Biggest Factor For Determining Academic Success

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Haxton, N. (2014, December 17). Personality, Not Intelligence, The Biggest Factor In Determining Academic Success. ABC News. Retrieved from

Doctor Arthur Poropat, having been successful in making significant findings in metacognition and learning, explains the impact this can have on schools, students and universities. Poropat, a senior lecturer of the School of Applied Psychology at Griffith University explains that personality is more important than intelligence in education and learning. In this article, Poropat explains three aspects of personality that are crucial; conscientiousness, a desire to meet performance needs, openness to experience, people who are curious and wish to master knowledge and learning and emotional stability, being abled to stay focused. Nevertheless, Poropat claims that conscientiousness and openness are the main elements in succeeding at university.

Poropat acknowledges, from a psychology perspective, that intelligence is the main factor of who gets into university. Poropat believes that screening a candidates personality, or goal orientation, should be the main factor of whether that student should be enrolled at university or not. In addition, unlike intelligence, Poropat believes that it is achievable to teach a student or child personalities skills in order to help their learning, for example, he believes that parents should help children develop learning goals and make…

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