Rhetorical Triangle

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Writing is the way people are able to communicate in many profound ways. Collective sound words to coherently project sentences is truly a skill many so effortlessly convey through writing. Many people find writing not only as a day to day necessity to communicate, but also a form of escape to freely express inner thoughts. Every individual carries a unique style and form of expressing messages. Practice and patient are key factors to constantly improving the skill of writing. Every person has an individual unique style of writing; however, everyone progressively develops its own style over time. This semester I’ve have seen an improvement in my personal form of writing, learned history about the English language, and learned how to set goals …show more content…
The Rhetorical Triangle is a concept that has really helped me with my writing. The importance of knowing how to reach out to the audience of choice will allow a writer to effectively conduct this. Also, the Rhetorical Triangle has allowed me to view differently the way authors are able to target their audience as well. The Rhetorical Triangle is divided into three simple concepts: logos, pathos, and ethos. Each concept is a strategy that is used to reach a specific audience. In the Super Bowl Ad commercial assignment, I was able to identify the different part of the Rhetorical Triangle the author was using in order to captivate the audience. This concept has helped me to better organize my papers when writing about certain topics. Truly, it is very important to be an effective author to grab the reader and give the audience a reason to continue to read the information given at hand. Also, watching the video about the history of the English language was very informative. I learned about how English a very accepting language that continuously is accepting new fascinating words. The English dictionary is always adding new words from either other languages or cultures. Also, English is a language that originated from different countries and languages such as Britain, Latin, and Ancient Greek. Moreover, learning about the different ways to approach an essay was very helpful as well. The argumentative style of essay was one that helped me organized ideas and concepts to have an effective argument. Overall, I learned a lot of helpful information that I will be definitely be needing not only for my next English course, but for my personal growth in improving my writing

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