Personal Writing : My Writing Essay

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My writing in this course has gradually improved with each essay I write. In my opinion my most recent essay, the comparison between Baker and Britt’s essays was my best. It shows I can summarize two text and easily compare them and prove why one was funnier than the other. Generally, my writing process consists of planning what I am writing about first. Then figuring out my thesis and how I can prove or explain it. My attitude towards writing is same as when I started, but writing does seem to come easier as I learn more. Sometimes I feel frustrated when I cannot think of what to write. Peter Elbow also experienced a similar feeling when writing. In “Desperation of Writing” Elbow writes, “I know I am not alone in my recurring twinges of panic that I won’t be able to write something when I need to, I won’t be able to produce coherent speech or thought”(1). He struggled when figuring out what to write sometimes which happens to me. Making me frustrated until I know what to write.
Throughout my life in school I have been taught many things in writing and how to improve. For example, being taught to set up your paragraphs a certain way. In my opinion, I feel that’s the reason why I write the way I do because of the different techniques I learned over time. I took most of that and combined it into my own writing style. A choice that helped me the most for writing is planning. I used to think it was a waste of time, but it has proved to be useful when trying to gather my…

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