Personal Values And Ethical Values Essay

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Over my lifetime, there have been many people that have shaped my values as well as ethical principles. As I am growing older, I am holding on to some of the same values, while also creating ones true to myself. I have always seemed to want to do the right thing for everyone involved in most situations since I was a child; my family was a big part of this assessment. Yet, I am still not finished finding myself. Therefore, some of my values may be adjusted overtime. As a future social worker, I desire to gain more professional values and ethical competence. One of the most influential people in my life is my mother. In many ways, she has taught me so much about life. While being a great importance to her, she taught me integrity. My mother taught me "the right things" in about every life situation. She taught me acceptable behaviors, including never to lie, cheat, or be unfair to anyone. I value that I am an honest person because of her and I am proud of that. One of the best compliments I have ever gotten from a coworker was being told I was honest; I have my mother to thank for that.
Not only my mother, but my whole family is something I value every day. No matter what happens, family will always be a part of my life. I also value my relationships with friends, classmates, and many more people in my life. One of my best friends is someone who I have known for ten years. Over the years, I have begun to realize my value for relationships has grown stronger. I have been…

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