Essay Personal Statement : Walt Disney World

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Walt Disney World seems like an odd place to find an aspiring doctor. All of my fellow College Program interns were performers or business majors.
When I told people what I was studying, they always had the same question:
"What are you doing here?"
My shadowing and prior experience with medicine during college convinced me that the most important skill physicians could have was the ability to relate to their patients with compassion and empathy. In pursuit of the ability to connect with people, I studied abroad, minored in medical philosophy, and now had come to Disney. Every permutation of humanity can be encountered at Disney World—each year, there are millions of visitors from across the globe, speaking hundreds of different languages.
My mission was to better understand the perspective of the visitors I interacted with, trying to view each guest as the living center of their own story. As I talked to guests, I found myself seeing the parks "through their eyes." I became a better listener. If guests were upset, I learned to react calmly and try to figure out what was bothering them. Just being there to listen and hear their concerns often made a difference.
Still, my capacity for empathy was not endless, and sometimes I would come close to a breaking point. The last night of Frozen Summer Fun, with the park open late, crowds close to capacity, and temperatures over 100 degrees, was one of those times. I was on a 12 hour shift and about to take another show as the "Tour…

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